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16 08,2021

What is Sliding Molding? What Are the Types of Molding Products?

1. What is sliding molding?Traditional injection molding uses two-part molds, and each section contains details on each side of the part. Keep the two halves tightly together, and the molten plastic i...

09 08,2021

What Are Mould Base and Mold Manufacturing?

1. What is mould base?The mould base is a part of the mold, there are custom plastic mold manufacturers. It can also be said that the mould base is actually a standard part of the mold. If the mold is...

02 08,2021

Common Types of Plastic Molding

1. What is automobile plastic mold?Automotive plastic mould is one of the most common products in our real life. The practical use of this product can bring us a better guarantee.In the automotive pla...

22 07,2021

How to Use Die Casting Mould Correctly?

For die casting, the three elements of die casting materials, die casting machines and moulds are indispensable. In the production process, the correct use of die-casting molds is very important due t...

15 07,2021

What Are the Reasons for the Yellowing and Blackening of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Products

Ⅰ. Reasons for the yellowing of die casting products1. Insufficient coating of zinc alloy die casting products causes yellowing;2. The high porosity of the coating leads to yellowing;3. There are imp...

08 07,2021

What Are the Problems Caused by Die Casting Mould Design to Production

Ⅰ. Die casting mould in production will produce related problemsIn the manufacturing process of die casting parts, the die casting mould is a piece of very significant equipment. So when designing it...

01 07,2021

What Is the Preparation Work on the Machine for the Die Casting Mould?

Ⅰ. The die casting mould needs to be machinedThe die casting mould needs to be machined. We need to be fully prepared, so what are the preparations for the die casting mould? Let's take a look at...

22 06,2021

How to Choose Materials and Maintenance for Die-casting Molds?

Ⅰ. How to choose the material of die-casting mold?Before the die-casting mold is processed, it is necessary to select the relevant materials. Different materials have different properties. Therefore,...