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The Core Elements of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Molds

The Core Elements of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Molds

Ⅰ. What are the core elements of making aluminum alloy die-casting molds?

1. Use high-quality mold steel to make product molds

2. Do not use too high injection speed of aluminum liquid

3. Choose the largest possible corner R under possible conditions

4. Reasonably die casting design mold wall thickness and other mold dimensions

5. The distance between the cooling water channel and the profile and corner must be large enough

6. Stress tempering should be removed after rough machining

7. Heat treatment is correct, and quenching and cooling must be fast enough

8. Thoroughly polish and remove the EDM scum layer

9. The profile should not be highly polished

10. The die casting mould surface should be oxidized

11. If selective nitriding, the infiltration layer should not be too deep

12. Preheat the mold to the recommended temperature in the correct way

13. Slow hammer speed should be used to start die-casting 5-10 pieces

14. On the premise of obtaining qualified products, try to reduce the temperature of the molten aluminum as much as possible

15. Try to use inserts and insert molding

16. Ensure that the mold is properly cooled, and the temperature of the cooling water should be kept at 40~50℃

17. For temporary shutdown, try to close the mold and reduce the amount of cooling water to avoid thermal shock to the mold when restarting

18. The coolant should be turned off when the model surface is at the highest temperature

19. Not too much spray release agent

20. After a certain amount of die-casting, stress relief and tempering

The above are the core and important points in the manufacturing and production process of aluminum alloy die-casting molds. If all these are done, high-quality, long-life aluminum alloy die-casting molds are not a problem.

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