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What is Sliding Molding? What Are the Types of Molding Products?

What is Sliding Molding? What Are the Types of Molding Products?

1. What is sliding molding?

Traditional injection molding uses two-part molds, and each section contains details on each side of the part. Keep the two halves tightly together, and the molten plastic is injected into an opening on the side of the assembled mold (that's why it's called "injection molding").

Slide molding is basically a form of conventional injection molding, but It has additional internal molds. These molds produce hollow parts by sliding in and out of the assembled molds from the side. For example, sliding molded tanks' barrel blanks are the result of the fact that molten plastic flows in the space between the corresponding negative pieces in the two halves of the mould slide, and it's the result of a flow around a thinner pin inserted into the same space from the side.

2. The types of sliding molding products

We have been manufacturing tools for plastic injection molding products for a variety of industries for more than 10 years. Injection molding companies in China also have extensive experience in the automotive, electrical, and appliance plastic molding and home appliance plastic parts in home appliance industries, and we make molds for other industries requiring plastic injection molds.

As a custom plastic mold manufacturer, we provide you with a complete service in this field, including the design of molds, the high-quality manufacture in our own factory, the production (a part with a metal insert is included), and plastic molding products delivered as planned. All manufacturing processes are influenced by the quality management system and the environment. We prepare 100-450 tons of Haitian injection molding machines every day for mold testing and mass production.

The kinds of our plastic injection products include automobile parts, appliance parts, medical equipment parts, electronic products, covering molded parts, connecting rod molded parts, die casting, product development, and other customized services. If you need, please contact us for more details.

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