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China Home Appliance Mould
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Home Appliance Mould

Household&Home Appliance Mould

Home appliance mould combines different types of molds such as gold stamping mould, plastic mould, and adsorption mould together. Therefore, household appliances are closely related to home appliance mold. 

As a leading home appliance plastic injection moulding manufacturer, GM-TECH makes sure all the products made by moulding meet the demanding requirements of our customers. We are devoted ourselves improving the service and home appliance mould quality continuously.


Features of Home Appliance Mould

With the development of the home appliance industry, applications of home appliance mold are popular in the injection process such as fan mould, computer mould, air conditioner mould, refrigerator mould, and so on. So why are there wide applications of home appliance mold?

  • High precision and long service life

The home appliance mould adopts an inlaid or fully assembled structure, improving the high processing accuracy of plastic injection moulding parts.

  • Off-site design and off-site processing

The plastic home appliance mold process requires to meet customer needs and provide mass production by off-site mould design services and off-site processing.

  • Short processing time

For home appliance plastic parts, most of them are matched with other injection molding types, which can save processing time.

The Specification of Home Appliance Mould

High precision mould

Part material



1L + 1R

Mould accuracy

+ / - 0.02

Mould steel


Mouldbase steel


Mould life


Mould standard


Mould structure

4 slides

Exporting country



6 weeks

Mould quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How does Home Appliance Mould Work?

Before we explore the working principle of home appliance mould, the first stage is to make a mould. Then the material is fed into a heated barrel and mixed using a helical-shaped screw.

Heating bands make the material melt. Next, the mixed materials, generally metal and plastic, are fed to the cavity of the home appliance mould to keep cooling. Finally, the shape of the home appliance mould is formed as we designed.

Home Appliance Mould Custom Designs Technology
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