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Design Focus and Structural Classification of Plastic Products for Automotive Injection Molds

Design Focus and Structural Classification of Plastic Products for Automotive Injection Molds

Ⅰ. The design of plastic products for automotive injection molds is the key point

Plastic products are definitely a key link in the design of injection molds. The design of plastic products requires nothing more than simplifying the plastic product model as much as possible, especially the concave and undulating design. It is best not to appear in the design of plastic products. 

The requirements for simplicity in the design of plastic products is a general direction. Because there are many small links in the mould design services of plastic products, simplified design is a requirement for each refinement of plastic products. On the basis of this requirement, each The basic requirements of the link.

For example, in the thin and thick design of automobile injection mold, it is necessary to make the wall thickness of the mold as uniform as possible while evolving, so as to avoid inappropriate glue positions with uneven thickness. The rigidity and hardness also need to meet the standards, which is an important part of guaranteeing the quality of plastic parts.

Ⅱ. The classification of plastic products in the structural design of precision injection mold

The inner and outer sides of the precision injection mold must have a demolding slope that meets the demolding standard, which is more conducive to demolding. In order to make its appearance smooth and demould not be hindered by friction, plastic products should be streamlined and smooth in curvature and texture as much as possible.

Plastic products have sharp edges and corners, and these corners are rounded corners. To solve the problem of curvature, the tension of the curvature should be larger on the peripheral corners of the inner and outer sides of the plastic product, which is very necessary.

1. The basic requirements of a molding automotive injection mold for parts

The strength and hardness must reach a certain standard, otherwise it will not withstand the friction, which will affect the construction quality. The minimum hardness requirement must not be less than HRC35. Very few special requirements require the hardness above 50~52HRC. The product must be made after molding. The surface is shiny, which can be achieved by polishing. In addition, the cavity part needs to be polished. The sample of the product cannot deviate from the product requirements. Then, the management and construction technology can improve the production efficiency and save the cost.

2. The number of clear cavities

The method to determine the number of cavities can use all injection machines, and then confirm the number of injections and the rated clamping force of the injection machine. In this process, it is necessary to combine other factors to complete, such as: molding process, precision and maintenance, and economy.

3. Look for the fractal line and the parting surface of the automotive injection mold

The method of determining the fractal line can be determined according to the shape of the part. The function of the fractal line is nothing more than to divide the product into two parts, with the same dividing line. The two parts are divided into a fixed mold, and the movable mold is the other part.

To obtain the parting surface of the mold, you can use the fractal line to scan around the two molds with the fractal line to determine the parting surface of the mold.

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