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3d printing wholesale
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3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing wholesale is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. Composite 3D printing  is often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to manufacture models, and then gradually used in the direct manufacturing of some products. There are already parts 3D printed by this technology. The rapid prototyping 3D printing technology  is applied in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, automobile, aerospace, civil engineering and other fields.

In order to meet customers' small batch production, 3D printing suppliers provide customers with 3D printing rapid processing service. 

In the R & D stage of new products, we can use 3D printing china technology to make samples in the shortest time, so as to complete design verification, assembly, performance test and so on, which can reduce your R & D cost and greatly shorten the R & D time.

Compared with other services like the cnc prototyping service, this is the cheapest and fastest way to process the first plate. Before the product design is completed, we suggest customers print samples to test the structural feasibility of the product.


Features of 3D Printing Prototype

GM-TECH, a reputable injection molding company in china, has designed and manufactured dozens of sets of automobile rear-view mirror molds for Kaiming hall in Murakami, Japan. The products are basically used in Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. In addition, we have also produced dozens of sets of lamp molds for Haila, including headlamp mask, headlight guide strip, headlight reflector, etc.

Compared with traditional hand boards, 3D printing factory hand boards have the following advantages:

1. Short production time. If you use the traditional method of making a prototype, it may take several hours or even dozens of hours to complete the manufacture of a set of prototype samples. With rapid  3D printing resolution, the R & D cycle can be shortened by more than 60%.

2. Low 3D printing service cost. The use of 3D printing technology can directly print circular samples without processing, mold turning or mold opening, which will naturally greatly reduce the R & D cost of products.

3. High security. With custom 3D printing services, various well-known defects of new products can be solved, and high risks such as mold opening and mold changing can be avoided.

4. The dimensional accuracy of high-quality,  custom 3D printed hand board can meet the requirements of industrial assembly.

5. High efficiency. Using 3D printing types samples to participate in the exhibition is the first opportunity to quickly seize the market, so as to obtain a large number of orders and considerable cash in a short time.

The Specification of 3D Printing

Part name

sample, prototype

Part material


Machining accuracy

+ / - 0.05

Exporting country

New Zealand

Delivery time

3 weeks

Delivery mode

 DHL 3 days

Mold quality customer satisfaction


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


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