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How to Solve the Problem of Die-casting Mold Sticking Material?

How to Solve the Problem of Die-casting Mold Sticking Material?

Ⅰ. Die-casting mold sticking problem

If you have used die-casting molds, then we will find that die-casting molds are prone to mold sticking. If this problem cannot be solved in time, it will easily cause many problems. Let's take a look.

Ⅱ. Die-casting mold sticky mold sticky material solution

1. Check whether the ratio of the release agent is normal, try to replace the release agent, adjust the spraying position and spraying amount.

2. Improve the injection moulding die design structure of the gating system to avoid the continuous erosion of the cavity wall or core by the alloy liquid.

3. Check whether the temperature of the die-casting mold is normal. You can try to reduce the casting temperature of the alloy liquid and the mold temperature.

4. Try to grind a few horizontal grooves on the movable mold, 0.2-0.3mm is enough, this will not damage the die-casting mold, but can increase the tightness of the movable mold side and bring the die-casting part of injection moulding products to the movable mold.

5. Polish the surface of the die-casting mold, but if it is a nitrided mold, it must be carefully polished to prevent damage to the nitrided layer on the surface, resulting in a situation that becomes more sticky as it is polished.

6. Modify the cooling system of the mold, adjust the die-casting plastic injection mold making process parameters, appropriately reduce the injection speed, and shorten the two-speed stroke.

All in all, the solution for die-casting molds that are prone to sticky materials is solved by the above content.

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