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What Are Mould Base and Mold Manufacturing?

What Are Mould Base and Mold Manufacturing?

1. What is mould base?

The mould base is a part of the mold, there are custom plastic mold manufacturers. It can also be said that the mould base is actually a standard part of the mold. If the mold is the mother of industry, then the mould base is the mother of the mold. No mould base, no mold.

Simply speaking, the mould base has a preforming device, positioning device, and ejection device. General configuration includes panel, board A (front template), board B (subsequent template), board C (square iron), baseboard, thimble panel, thimble floor, guide pins, return pins and other injection mold components.

After years of development, mould base production industry has been quite mature. Injection mold makers in China can purchase customized mold holders according to individual mold needs, and they can choose standardized mold holder products.

2. What is mold manufacturing?

Mold manufacturing is making molds. A mold is a molding tool used for the mass production of mechanical shells, blank parts, and plastic parts. As long as it is the molding toll used for injection molding, it's called a mold, such as the stamping mold, plastic molding tool for sheet, and metal forging mold.

Mold manufacturing is also developing, and it develops towards mechanization, precision, and automation. It also has a very high requirement for the precision of the machine tool used for mold processing, and it also has more and more requirements for the process conditions, measuring means, and methods of processing, so the mold manufacturing gradually develops towards high technology and intensive development now.

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