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Insert Mould
Insert Mould
Insert Mould
Insert Mould

Insert Mould

Insert molding is an injection molding process used to encapsulate a component in a plastic part. 

The insert plastic injection molding process can be divided into two basic steps. First, the component is loaded into the mold before the molding process. Second, it takes the shape of the part and locks the component into the plastic as molten plastic is injected into the mold.


Features of Insert Mould

Insert molding is the process of inserting a part into a mold prior to the injection molding process.  Since the insert injection molding process is the same, different materials are fed into the mould so as to produce different mould products. The main features of using insert mould by GM-TECH, a reliable injection moulding manufacturer, include:

  • Improved strength

  • A strong and reliable attachment point for inserts

  • Cost-effective compared with other inserting processes

  • No significant mold changes required

The Specification of Insert Mould

Part material




Mold accuracy

+ / - 0.02

Mold steel


Moldbase steel


Mold life


Mold standard


Mold structure

3 slides

Exporting country



4 weeks

Mold quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How does Insert Mould Work?

Insert molding is a powerful tool used to support the form and function of plastic injection molded parts. Insert molding refers to incorporating other parts, particularly metal parts, directly into the injection-molded product. 

For instance, if there are metal inserts that we need to paste it to plastic. We need to place the metal inserts into the insert mold before injecting the plastic. The inserts will be surrounded by the plastic during the injection process, leaving the insert bonded firmly to the material after cooling and curing.  

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