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Die Casting

Aluminum dies castings are all around us. Aluminum is the most common element used in die casting. Aluminum dies castings are primarily used in the automotive industry for components in your car. (think engine block and transmission housing). Other uses include heat sinks, handles, valve bodies, light fixtures, and many others. 

The benefits of aluminum as a cast material of mould die casting are as follows: Lightweight,High strength,High melting temperature,Corrosion resistance,Electrical shielding properties,Good thermal conductivity,Recyclable etc. Commonly used materials for die-casting products are zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and copper alloys. 


GM-TECH also focuses on the mold design service and manufacture of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy parts, mainly including: magnesium alloy die casting, aluminum alloy die casting, precision magnesium alloy die-casting mold, precision aluminum alloy die-casting mold, electric vehicle accessories die-casting, LED lamp accessories die-casting, sports equipment accessories, photography equipment accessories, photography tripod die-casting, projection equipment accessories, children's car accessories, motorcycles Mechanical parts and other series of products.

Die Casting  FAQs

Is your company familiar with export mould standard?  

Yes, as a professional custom injection molding company, we are very familiar with DME, HASCO and Mishmi standards.  

What are your common mold steel? 

Generally, we use steel materials required by customers, such as 1.1343, H-13, S136, NAK80, P20 and so on. And we will provide steel certification to customers. 

How do you guarantee the quality of the mould? 

Mold design: when the design is completed, our engineers will meet to review the mold. Mold processing: CMM inspection will be carried out for each machining step (electrode, CNC,) of parts .

How long is the delivery time for mold processing? 

specific to see the difficulty of mold, generally 2-8 weeks

Die Casting Custom Designs Technology
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