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2K Mould
2k plastic injection moulding
2k plastic injection moulding
2k injection moulding
2K Moulding

2k Injection Molding Factory

2k injection molding is a manufacturing process that refers to molding two materials or colors into one plastic part. 

This technology combines two materials or two colors into one ending plastic part by using a 2K automotive plastic injection moulding machine. The selection of the 2K moulding process is generally according to cost and customization considerations.


Features of 2K Injection Moulding Technology

  • Physical appearance

The physical appearance of 2K injection molding about aesthetic value or beauty is high as many colors can be blended in the molding stages.

  • Cost-efficiency

Because all 2K injection molding manufacturing procedures are finished in the injection stage, it can save plastic injection molding cost and lower the labor and material fees.

  • Customization

We can provide custom-made plastic injection molding products, such as parts&products from appliance plastic molding and screw thread mould to meet your demanding need. It is possible to finish the products with 2K plastic injection moulding with softer edges.

Specification from 2K Molding Supplier

Part material



1L + 1R

Mold accuracy

+ / - 0.01

Mold steel


Moldbase steel


Mold life


Mold standard


Mold structure

6 lifters

Exporting country


Delivery time

4 weeks

Mold quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How does 2k Moulding Process Work?

Since there are a lot of benefits of 2K injection molding, can I learn more about the working principle of 2K injection mould?

2K injection moulding operates in one machine which is programmed to perform two injections in one cycle. In the first cycle, a nozzle injects plastic into a mold. The 2K plastic injection moulding is then rotated automatically and another type of plastic is injected from a second nozzle into the mold. When using the 2k injection molding technology process with mould design services, material selection is very important to the injection.

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