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Automotive Product Mould
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Automotive Product Mould1
Automotive Product Mould
Automotive Product Mould

Automotive Plastic Parts Mould

Automotive plastic mould is a general expression of moulds that make all the parts on a vehicle. It can be divided into several types of moulds such as injection mould, stamping dies, forging dies, casting wax dies, glass dies, and so on. 

Automotive plastic injection molding is becoming popular because of the auto parts are the foundation of automotive development. As one of the professional automotive plastic injection molding company, GM-TECH aims at providing high-quality automotive plastic parts mould and service at a reasonable price.  


Features of Automotive Plastic Parts Mould

  • Rapid Prototyping

Quick production of automotive injection molding plastic prototypes helps to shorten the time spent in developing part designs.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

One injection mold can be used to make thousands of parts. GM-TECH gives you access to a full array of injection molding services.

  • High Efficiency

Automotive injection molding ensures that your contract manufacturing of plastic parts can shorten your time in the market and meet your clients’ expectations.

The Specification of Automotive Plastic Parts Mould

Part material




Tool Accuracy

+ / - 0.02mm

Mould steel


Mould steel


Mould life


Mould standard


Mould structure

1 slide

Exporting country



6 weeks

Mould quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How does Automotive Plastic Parts Mould Work?

The process cycle of automotive plastic injection mold making itself includes the following steps:

1.Place the mold into the automotive injection molding machine. An injection molding machine is used to close the mold during automotive plastic injection molding by means of a clamp.

2.The granule or pellet-shaped plastic is fed into the automotive injection molding machine.

3.Then the machine heats the plastic until it becomes a liquid. The automotive plastic injection molding machine nozzle then pours the melted plastic into the mold.

4.At this point the mold cavity is filled with plastic liquid. The liquid cools to form a solid product.

5.Finally, the ejector (linked to the ejector system) removes the cooled product from the machine into finished parts.

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