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Die Casting Mould
Die Casting Mould
Die Casting Mould
Die Casting Mould
Die Casting Mould

Die Casting Mould

Die casting mould is a method of casting liquid die forging. It is a process completed in a special die casting moulding machine.

The major advantage of mould die casting is that thousands of castings can be produced quickly by die casting mould manufacturers through one mould. All mould components and parts of die castings are manufactured in mass mount at relatively low unit costs.


Features of Die Casting Mould

Die casting mound technology offers many outstanding features which include:

  • High corrosion resistance

  • High strength and hardness

  • High thermal conductivity

  • High electrical conductivity

  • Good processing properties

As one of the die casting mould supplier, GM-TECH provides you with CNC or ultrasonic removal of the part nozzle, rotary hole, tapping, and so on. Since there are many benefits of the die casting mould, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products.

Specification of Die Casting Mould

Part material

zinc alloy



Mould steel

H 13

Mould steel


Mould life


Mould standard


Mould structure

direct ejection

Exporting country



5 weeks

Mould quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How does Die Casting Mould Work?

The basic working process of the die casting mould cnc components is as follows. The liquid metal first low speed or high-speed casting filling mold into the mold cavity. The die casting mould has an active cavity surface with the cooling process of the liquid metal pressure forging. 

It not only eliminates the blank shrinkage cavity shrinkage porosity defects but also makes the blank internal organization reach the forged state of broken grains. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank are remarkably improved.

Die Casting Mould Custom Designs Technology
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