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Precautions and Basic Principles for Parting Surface Design of Automotive Injection Mold

Precautions and Basic Principles for Parting Surface Design of Automotive Injection Mold

Ⅰ. Precautions for parting surface design of automotive injection mold

The step parting surface generally needs to have an inclination angle of 3 to 5 degrees when facing the step parting surface, and the angle cannot be less than 1.5 degrees. Sometimes multiple step surfaces appear in a parting surface at the same time. In this case, the same angle is used to act on the angle A, which can make the processing easier and more convenient.

The parting surface of the precision injection mold requires special attention. It is to ensure that each of the same curved surfaces has a sealing distance. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the distance, so that the plastic melt will not easily flow out during the injection process. The name material distance corresponds to this effect, which can block material.

During the creation of the parting surface, if you encounter a curved surface or a sloped surface, and a parting surface with a large height difference such as a step, whether it is one or more, you must set a reference plane for it, which can facilitate processing and measurement.

Ⅱ. Basic principles of parting surface design for automotive injection mold

The molded plastic needs to be retained on the mold half after the mold is opened. Of course, this is when the ejection mechanism is used as a prerequisite. Generally, the ejection mechanism half molds are all moving molds. Only the ejection mechanism half molds that appear in rare special circumstances On the fixed mold.

Some plastic products come with metal inserts. Since the inserts do not have the function of shrink-wrapping punches, the shape cavity design of mould design services is usually on the movable mold side. If this is not set, the plastic products will be in the fixed mold area after the mold is opened. Once this happens, demolding will become very difficult.

The coaxiality structure is inside the moving mold or the fixed mold. If it is formed on both sides of the two models, the coaxiality is difficult to ensure its accuracy. This situation is mostly caused by manufacturing errors and assembly errors.

There are certain requirements for the locking of automotive plastic parts mould. In order to meet the requirements, plastic products are generally placed at the clamping position of the geodynamic quantitative mold. The placement direction selects the direction with the smaller projected area and the projected area is large. The direction of the placement is used for the lateral fractal surface.

This can greatly reduce the locking force. In addition, the parting surface sometimes has a curved surface. When this phenomenon occurs, a positioning mechanism must be added. In the selection of the parting surface, try not to compose the shape of the plastic product as much as possible. The selection of affected parts, if the plastic product has rhombus and tangent lines in its shape, it is not suitable for the selection of parting surface.

When choosing the parting surface, you need to choose a relatively smooth part without obvious sharp corners, so that the segmentation will not affect the quality and shape. Although it is not absolute, the probability of occurrence is still high. The size and quantity of the inner mold inserts must be reasonably arranged.

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