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CNC Prototype CNC
rapid prototyping cnc machining
rapid prototyping cnc machining
cnc rapid prototyping
CNC Prototype CNC
cnc machining prototype service
cnc rapid prototyping
cnc prototyping service

CNC Prototype CNC

The general material of CNC  rapid prototyping is plastic or aluminum. In order to meet customers' small batch production, we provide customers with CNC rapid processing services.


CNC rapid prototyping  Machinable materials 

Processable materials of cnc machining prototype service include ABS, POM, PC, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, iron, etc. For example:

1. ABS rapid prototyping cnc machining: temperature resistance: 60-80  °C / characteristics: excellent strength and durability / wide range of application: this material is mostly used for Shell Hand boards of electrical appliances, medical treatment and cars.

2. PMMA  rapid prototyping cnc machining: temperature resistance: 60-80  °C / characteristics: high transparency / scope of application: hand board of electrical liquid crystal shell.

3. POM rapid prototyping cnc machining: temperature resistance: 90-110  °C / characteristics: good strength, durability and hardness / scope of application: mechanical gear, rotating part hand board.

CNC rapid prototyping is commonly used for CNC prototype of cars, medical treatment, aerospace, planning, small household appliances and computer peripheral products. CNC prototyping service can also make standard parts for function test of large and messy products, such as air conditioning, display, sound, medical equipment, motorcycle, car accessories and other products.

CNC hand board processing has become the mainstream processing method of modern hand board processing because of its many advantages. Rapid prototyping cnc machining is not only applicable to various fields, but also allows customers to achieve the best effect for the purpose of verification.

Features of CNC Rapid Prototyping

Our company has designed and manufactured dozens of sets of rear-view mirror automotive parts mold for Kaiming hall in Murakami, Japan. The products are basically used in Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. In addition, we have also produced dozens of sets of lamp molds for Haila, including headlamp mask, headlight guide strip, headlight reflector, etc.

CNC prototyping service also has many advantages

1. With moderate cnc prototyping cost, extensive processing data and wide application fields, CNC hand board model can meet the requirements of different customers for strength, temperature resistance, high durability and transparency.

2. The surface treatment methods of CNC handboard model are diversified, such as grinding, ash spraying, painting, polishing, silk screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, radium carving, bluing, UV, etc. its effect can even be compared with the products produced by the mold.

3. In appearance, assembly and function verification, the purpose of customer planning verification can be achieved, and a workpiece of cnc machining prototype service that can truly reflect the purpose of customer planning can be made.

The Specification of CNC Prototype CNC

Part name

sample, headboard,

Part material

plastic or aluminum

Part accuracy

+ / - 0.015

Dimension detection method


Exporting country


Delivery time

1 week

Delivery mode

DHL 3 days

Mold quality customer satisfaction


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


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