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Plastic Injection Mould

Plastic Injection Mould

GM-TECH is mainly engaged in the production of high-precision injection mould production plants. And the production of precision injection moulds is very widely used, including products such as automotive plastic parts, medical plastic parts, electronic plastic products, toy plastic products, industrial products and screw thread mould, etc. 

In the early stage, we have won the trust and cooperation of customers with decades of professional plastic injection mold design experience. In the later stage, we will win the long-term trust and cooperation of customers with reliable and stable mould quality! 

Plastic Injection Mould Features

All the injection molds and molding parts that we made are exported to abroad such as,USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, India and other countries. Molds vary from 50kg to 10 tons,including automotive plastic mould, electronic product molds, industrial product molds, home appliance molds, medical product molds, 2k plastic injection moulding, so on. 

The leadtime for mold manufacturing generally takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the ease of the mold.

GM-TECH mainly produces and designs high-precision and high-quality moulds. We are good at the fields of automobile product mould, electronic product mould, home appliance mold, medical product mould, insert mould, two-color mould, multi hole mould, thread mould, gear mould, etc

Plastic Injection Mould Custom Designs Technology

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