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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control
Quality Control

What characterizes our quality management?

Specialist knowledge, skills, abilities, methodological and social competency - is put into practice by skilled and trained staff.

Audits provide the impetus for continual improvement of our organizational structure. Our trained auditors check compliance with our self-imposed objectives and guidelines as well as implementation and adherence to specified requirements. Audits encourage us to continually improve and produce high quality injection mold.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We have complete quality testing equipment such as Center Measurement Machine (CMM), Projector, Hardness tester, Temperature-measuring instruments and so on.

We relay on trained quality supervision staff to support the processes of our injection molded products. Across the breadth of the company, processes are assessed using aptitude scores such as Cpk, cmk and cp. A balanced deviation management system using technical aids and selected quality control tools allow us to pursue quality targets and to meet the needs of our clients.


Quality is the core of the business!

All injection mold components are measured from the completion of each processing step, we will test the design of the parts, CNC machining of parts, EDM processing of parts, wire cutting of parts, heat treatment of parts, parts Grinding, etc. All key features and dimensions will be controlled throughout the process to a tolerance of +/-0.01mm.

Quality control system

We assure the product's quality and performance through many different procedures provided by our quality system as following:

《Electrodes Inspection Report》

《Standard Component Check Report》(Such as ejector pin, sleeve guide pin and bushing, angular lifter, plug and cooling connector Etc.)

《Steel Inspection Report》 (We need to check critical dimension in the processing)

《FAI Report (First Article Inspection Report)》

《CPK Check Report》 (Capability process index)

《PPAP Report》(We can provide this report if the customer require to submit.

《Parts Quality Criteria》

《Molding Parameter Sheet》

《Moldbase Check Report》

《Material Certificate》

《Heat Treatment Certification》

《Tooling Evaluation and Approved Report》( before mold shipment, we have to send it to the customer for confirming)

《Mold Checking List before shipping》

《Tooling quality feedback report》

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