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Common Types of Plastic Molding

Common Types of Plastic Molding

1. What is automobile plastic mold?

Automotive plastic mould is one of the most common products in our real life. The practical use of this product can bring us a better guarantee.

In the automotive plastic mould, we definitely can see custom plastic injection moulding parts. These moulding parts have a variety of materials, just like different material shapes, or different material structures and material sizes. Generally speaking, the parts of these moulding products can be quite different. For example, they are usually made up of a variety of different products, and there are many concave and convex products, threaded products, and some other products are all inlaid.

2. What are the types of plasitic molding?

A. Injection molding

Plastic injection molding China is a method that plastic is first melted in the heating barrel of the injection molding machine, and the melt is formed by pushing the reciprocating screw into the cavity of the closed die.

It can not only produce products with a high precision and high quality under high productivity but also large output (about 1/3 of all plastics) and wide use because of a variety of machinable plastic plastics. Therefore, plastic injection moulding is one of the most important plastic processing methods in plastic injection molding companies in China.

B. Extrusion molding

Extrusion molding is the method that the plastic is heated and pressurized to flow through the die continuously in the extruder.

Generally, it's used for forming sheets, pipes, mono-filament, flats, films, covers of wire, and cable. It has a wide range of uses and high yield, so it is one of the important molding methods in plastic processing.

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