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How about the machining accuracy of molds in China

How about the machining accuracy of molds in China

In the past few decades, manufacturing costs in China have been substantially lower than their equivalent in Western countries. Although prices have been on the rise in recent years, it’s still cheaper to produce in China than anywhere else.

It is important, however, to realize that China offers a myriad of suppliers at wide price and quality ranges, and subsequently at various levels of credibility. Different prices have different qualities There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. However, the molds purchased from mold tech china Glitter mold are absolutely worth the money.

Not to brag, Our company adopts high precision machining CNC. The maximum speed is 18000 rpm. Generally, the processing accuracy of our injection mold is controlled within 0.015 mm.


For each components of the injection mold, we will use CMM for inspection after each process is completed.


How does GM-TECH manufacture high accuracy plastic injection mold ? Mainly from the two aspects of mould design services and mold processing. In addition, the defects of the product itself will also affect the mold accuracy.



1 mold design

 - Conduct mold flow analysis in the early stage of the product, find a more reasonable glue inlet point of the product, achieve the glue inlet balance, the mold locking force is within the scope of the injection molding machine, and the product deformation is relatively small.

-Product parting face: Don't design an arc surface if you can make a plane,  and do not design shut off if you can design kiss off.

-Mold positioning: fine positioning in three aspects of design: positioning of internal mold, mold guide post positioning and side lock positioning.

-Product cooling: the distance between the transported water and the product shall be the same as far as possible. The cooling is uneven and the product deformation is large.

-Mold void un function face: after a certain sealing surface is reserved, other surfaces are avoided, and the front and rear molds are avoided, which can not only improve the processing accuracy, but also improve the processing efficiency.

-The fractal surface of the mold embryo is supported by a balance weight to prevent the fractal surface of the internal mold from collapsing too quickly.

-Ball guide sleeve or bronze plus graphite for guide in ejector plate.

-The cavity bottom depth of plate B shall be thickened as much as possible to avoid the deformation of injection molding formwork, and the support pillar will not play a great role.

-Each part drawing shall be marked with machining tolerance.


2 mold processing

-Mold parts shall be finished with high speed CNC, and the accuracy shall be within + / - 0.02 mm.

-It's better to making the mold parts at one time to avoid repeated off machine, and there will be errors in the calibration table every time.

-The wire cutting of mold parts is processed with Sodick slow wire cutting imported from Japan.

-Mold core inserts that can be processed by grinder do not make it by CNC, especially round inserts.

-Fitting the mold cannot be polished by the hand, but directly on the fitting machine.

-The accuracy of mold base is controlled within 0.02mm, and the normal mold is more than 0.05mm.

-For mold inserts and copper electrodes, using three-dimensional full inspection, and the good CNC can be tested directly on the machine.

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