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Project Management

Project Management

Planning and Quality Control
Planning and Quality Control

Industry diversity and multiproject management makes us your strong partner. Punctuality, quality and efficiency are key to successful project work. Our team is sure to meet your requirements for a smooth project run.

Processor—oriented work according to lSO is one of our standards. Our demand for optimal project realisation is often shaped by our customers requirements and contributes to a continual improvement process. GM-TECH, a professional mold tech china manufacturer, combine many years of interdisciplinary experience with innovative thinking for the optimal implementation of your new projects.

Project Review
Project Review

Our project management provides more than just timelines. Added benefits of our tracking program include:

  • Customer design review

  • Detail part design review  

  • Preliminary mold product design review   

  • Full design review  

  • Development of the design & build timeline  

  • Weekly timeline updates with photos showing progress

Molding Making Process Overview
Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

We will get started with part analysis once receive 3D data. We make mold flow analysis to find all the potential issues and send you the Moldflow analysis & DFM report.

Mold Specification Sheet

We will make the mold specifications as per your mold requirements after receiving the purchasing order from our sales department and send it to clients for confirmation. It is better the customers provide us with specifications of mold design and mold manufacturing standards.

Mold Drawing

We will get started with 2D and 3D drawing when got the confirmation of the DFM report and the mold technical specifications.

Tooling Weekly Report

The Tooling weekly report will be provided after getting the confirmation for the mold manufacturing. This Tooling weekly report will be updated every week as your requests the process photos.

First Article Inspection Report

This will be provided after the mold trail, and also with the 3 cycle trial out video and pictures showing the mold running status and samples' status.

Before Mold Shipment

Besides standard mold checking before shipment, water leaking checking is one of the most important work. Meanwhile, a complete mold file (2D drawing, 3D drawing, injection parameter, steel certificate, mold pictures, electrodes, etc.) will be shipped together with molds.

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