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Standard operation in product forming process

Standard operation in product forming process

"Product quality is everyone's responsibility." high quality products are produced and managed. The two are equally related and indispensable. The goal is excellent quality, customer satisfaction, a molding pass rate of more than 98%, to achieve this goal, all staff must improve quality awareness and sense of responsibility, and do a good job according to the requirements.

1. When the product such as the die casting product is tested, the machine should be adjusted according to the process parameters in the "forming process record". The mold opening template can be mass produced only after being confirmed by QC (quality inspector).

2. When the operator starts the machine, he must ask the management personnel or quality inspection personnel about the starting requirements, quality requirements, processing requirements, packaging requirements and other precautions of the product. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine when he is not familiar with the product quality standards.

3. The operator must strictly abide by the requirements of the "operation instruction" when starting the machine for moulding like the 2k plastic injection moulding to control the product quality, and cannot put the unqualified products into the finished product box.

4. The operator shall conduct self inspection on the appearance quality of each mold on time, and inform the management personnel to improve in time if any problem is found.

5. Keep the worktable clean and tidy, and handle the product with care. When checking, place the product surface upward to prevent scratching.

6. The nozzle should be operated carefully, the nozzle position should be cut flat, and pay attention not to cut or damage the product. The edge around the product should be rolled with copper bar or ejector bar carefully. The force should not be too large, and it should be uniform to prevent the product from being bruised or scratched.

7. If any defective product is found in the plastic injection molding production, win shall put it in public in time, distinguish it, mark it clearly, inform the foreman, and arrange the staff to rework when the foreman needs it.

In fact, in the production of products, more is the need for our operators careful and serious, so as to ensure the qualified rate of products!

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