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Electronics Product Part
Injection Molding Electronics Product Part
Injection Molding Electronics Product Part

Electronics Product Part

With the fast growth in the electronic industry, the demand for injection molding electronics is much higher. The injection molding electronics can be intricate or simple.

Intricate injection molding electronics can be economical because they combine many parts into one piece which saves the cost of different types of separate pieces. As a professional injection moulding products manufacturer, GM-TECH provides injection molding electronics such as mobile phones, computers, and sophisticated connectors.


Electronics Product Part

Injection Molding Electronics Product Part
Injection Molding Electronics Product Part

Features of injection molding electronics parts

  • Be able to use a different plastic simultaneously

We can utilize different types of plastic at the same time by using injection molding electronics. This can be achieved with the help of co-injection molding.

  • Lower the manufacturing cost

Plastic injection molding is an intelligent process with some automatic machines which reduce manufacturing plastic mold cost.

  • Form the finished appearance

Custom plastic injection molding electronics make sure the parts produced are near to the finished produces. Thus, it hardly takes any time to arrange the rest of the work.

The Specification of injection molding electronics Product Part

Part material

PA66 + 30gf



Mould steel


Mould steel


Mould life


Mould standard


Mould structure

3 sliders

Exporting country



5 weeks

Mould quality customer satisfaction


FAI pass rate


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


How do Injection Molding Electronics Parts Work?

The series of events that occur during the injection molding electronics molding process is called the injection molding cycle. When the mold is closed, the polymer of plastic molded products is injected into the mold cavity. Once the cavity is filled, the pressure is maintained to compensate for the shrinkage of the plastic injection molded part material. In the next step, the screw rotates to give the screw before the next lens. This allows the screw to retract when preparing for the next stitch. Once the part is sufficiently cooled, the mold opens and the injection molding electronics are ejected.

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