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China Injection Mold Design Services

GM-TECH have a much experienced china injection mold design services team, familiar with China domestic, European, American, Japanese and other mold design standards, be able to use all kinds of software skillfully for mold and product designing.  


Features of China Injection Mold Design Services

There are more than 10 engineers who have much experience in plastic part design for injection molding:

  • GM-TECH have got a set of mature design process,  from parts analysis, mold flow, structural analysis to process analysis.

  • Use full 3D mould design services, With the design ability , can design more than 20 sets of complex molds monthly.

Specification of China Injection Mold Design Services

  • Emphasizesthe importance of early involvement in projects, designing and developing the product together with the customer.

  • Preparation of prototype part tools or SLA samples for pre-testing production conditionsof products.

  • Optimizethe mold structure design ingand cooling system

  • DFM, Mould-flowanalysis

  • UG, Pro-E, AutoCAD, CAE, CAM

  • Designers: Average Working Experience: 12 years

Custom Plastic China Injection Mold Design Services

Custom plastic injection mold has provided solutions to mass production of various parts and components such as household mould, medical mould, electronics mold, home appliance mould, etc. This personalized injection moulding design gives you a high level of production while minimizing the cost per unit. GM-TECH, an certified injection mold design company, has earned a high reputation for a professional mould design services for manufacturing injection molding. We offer you high-quality, low-cost products and mold design services as follow:

In-house plastic injection mold design and engineering with professional guidance through every step of the process.  

Our mold makers have rich experience with custom plastic mould design services and tooling.

Quality-controlled experts are in a wide variety of capabilities, materials, and sizes in terms of plastic injection mould design services.

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