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​After decades of development, our company has manufactured thousands of molds, exported to the United States, Germany, France, Britain, New Zealand, Canada and other dozens of countries. Our company has won the long-term cooperation and trust of customers with the excellent technology and professional service.
Manufacture Introduction
Injection Molding Manufacturing
Gm-tech is a professional plastic mold factory and injection molding factory in China. It provides various plastic products, plastic molds, injection molds, aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds, simple molds, mold manufacturing, mold processing, injection molding processing, etc. it is a product design, hand model, mold manufacturing (including plastic mold). Aluminum zinc alloy die casting mold) injection molding, silk screen printing, oil injection and product assembly one-stop service. And in the ISO9000:2000 quality management system under the standard operation. The company has 4000 square meters of workshop and more than 100 employees. It has a variety of advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, such as CNC machining center, spark machine, wire cutting machine, grinder, lathe, milling machine and more than 10 sets of injection molding machine from 100 tons to 300 tons. Over the past few years, the company has won the trust of new and old customers with exquisite technology, advanced equipment, thoughtful service, reasonable price and punctual delivery.
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