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Prototype Moulding
rapid injection molding prototyping
rapid injection molding prototyping
prototype mold making
prototype injection molding
Prototype Moulding

China Rapid Injection Molding Prototyping

China rapid injection molding prototyping technology is a fast, convenient and practical mold manufacturing technology. The characteristics of prototype mold making are: short molding cycle, simple process, easy popularization, low molding cost, precision and service life, which can meet a specific functional needs, and good comprehensive economic benefits.Prototype mold making is especially suitable for new product development and trial production, process verification and function verification, as well as multi variety and small batch production.

Due to the increasingly fierce market competition and the accelerating speed of product renewal, multi variety and small batch will become an important production mode in the manufacturing industry. In this case, the manufacturing industry puts forward strong requirements for the rapid manufacturing of product prototype and mold. Therefore, China rapid injection molding prototyping technology presents a vigorous development trend.


Features of China Rapid Prototype Mold Making

GM-TECH, a professional manufacturer in prototype cnc machining, has designed and manufactured dozens of sets of automobile rear-view mirror molds for Kaiming hall in Murakami, Japan. The products are basically used in Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. In addition, we have also produced dozens of sets of lamp molds for Haila, including headlamp mask, headlight guide strip, headlight reflector, etc.

Prototype mold life is very low, cost is cheap. In order to meet the requirements of small batch production and material performance, we provide prototype injection molding.

Generally, we use poor steel, such as aluminum, S50C and so on. The structure and production principle of rapid die are the same as plastic injection moulding products.

The Specification of China Rapid Prototype Mold Making

Mold Name

Experimental mold

Part material


Machining accuracy

+ / - 0.02

Mold life

1W shots

Exporting country


Delivery time

4 weeks

Delivery mode

DHL 3 days

Mold quality customer satisfaction


Project cooperation service customer satisfaction


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