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What Are the Common Products Made by Injection Molding in Our Life?

What Are the Common Products Made by Injection Molding in Our Life?

In fact, all products molded by injection molding machines are injection molded products. Including thermoplastic and now some thermosetting injection products. The most notable feature of thermoplastic products is that the raw materials can be re-injected, but some of the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials will be reduced. So usually high-end products made by injection molding will not use raw materials again.

1. Products made by injection molding in the medical industry

At present, the medical industry has a wide range of products made by injection molding, such as high-transparent PPT droppers, electronic thermometer shells, sprayer shell injection molded parts, laser writing instrument medical hands, physiotherapy hot compress spine neck protector plastic shells, medical sharp weapon boxes, and medical virus detector shells, shells of oral X-ray film machines.

2. Products of precision injection molding in the home appliance industry

The plastic injection molding products that are commonly used in our lives , such as home appliance plastic parts are small hand-held fans, humidifier shells, heater shells, hand warmers, mixers, rice cooker shells, air conditioner shells, TV shells, hairdryer shells, water heater shells, and so on. Bulk inquiry appliance plastic molding from GM-Tech

3. Products of precision injection molding in the cosmetic packaging industry

In the past, many cosmetic packaging materials were made of glass materials. The main disadvantages are that the materials are too heavy, easy to break, and the price is relatively expensive. Now, glass materials are gradually replaced with common injection molded plastic materials, which occupy 90% of the cosmetic packaging materials. 

Common products include dozens of lipstick tubes, powder boxes, lip glaze tubes, eyebrow pencils, cream tubes, lip gloss tubes, sub-bottles.

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