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14 09,2022

General Principles of Injection Molding Mold Design

Ⅰ. Reasonable injection molding mold designIt is mainly reflected in the quality of the molded plastic products (appearance quality and dimensional stability); it is convenient, fast and concise in p...

15 08,2022

What Needs to Be Considered When Designing a Die Casting Mold?

In addition to the basic requirements of normal design of die-casting molds, special consideration should also be given to:1. The die-casting mold adopts a reasonable and advanced simple structure, so...

08 08,2022

Precautions for Die-casting Production and Maintenance of Die-casting Molds

Ⅰ. Good preheating of die casting moldAfter the mold is assembled for trial or normal production, the mold must be preheated and the mold temperature should be uniform. The preheating temperature of ...

08 07,2022

Die Casting Mold

Heat treatment has a great impact on the service life of die-casting molds. According to relevant information, due to improper heat treatment, the early failure of die-casting molds accounts for about...

01 07,2022

The Influence of Machining on the Failure of Die Casting Dies

As we all know, die-casting molds have a long manufacturing cycle and complex machining, involving processes such as turning, grinding, milling, drilling, planing, and electrical discharge machining (...

21 06,2022

What Are the Categories of Automotive Plastic Moulds?

There are many ways to classify automobile plastic molds, which can be divided into the following categories according to the different methods of forming and processing plastic parts:1. Automotive pl...

07 06,2022

How to Determine Whether the Barrel Temperature of Plastic Injection Molding is Reasonable?

1. For plastic injection molding, the melt is injected into the air. If the material flow is uniform, smooth, without bubbles, and the color is uniform, the barrel temperature is considered to be appr...

23 05,2022

The Difference Between Die Casting Mold and Plastic Mold

The structure of the die casting mold is actually the same as the structure of the plastic mold. It should be said that if you can make a plastic mold, you should be able to make a die casting mold.Ⅰ...