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07 03,2022

Nozzle Temperature and Mold Temperature for Plastic Injection Molding

Ⅰ. The nozzle temperature of plastic injection molding In order to prevent the molten material from flowing out of the nozzle automatically, resulting in the casting, the nozzle temperature is genera...

23 02,2022

The Plastic Injection Molding Barrel Cleaning and Insert Heat Treatment

Ⅰ. The plastic injection molding barrel cleaningIn injection molding production, it is often necessary to change the raw materials, change the color, or cause the decomposition of the raw materials d...

09 02,2022

The Equipment Selection for the Plastic Injection Molding Process

The plastic injection molding is a complex process. The entire process cycle is often one to several minutes, and the most critical filling process is generally only tens of seconds. In this very shor...

20 01,2022

Five Reasons for the Shrinkage of the Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

Ⅰ. Injection molding products are inseparable from plastic injection mold toolingNo matter what injection molding products, they are inseparable from plastic injection mold tooling. But sometimes the...

06 01,2022

Ways to Prolong the Service Life of the Die Casting Mould

1. The sealing and aluminum skin in the use of die casting mouldIn the use of the die, there will be sealing and aluminum skin on the die-casting die for various reasons. At this time, it must be clea...

20 12,2021

Determination of Parting Surface of Plastic Injection Mould

In the process of plastic injection mould manufacturing, there will always be the problem of determining the parting surface. It is a very complex problem, which is restricted by many factors. Therefo...

06 12,2021

What Are the Types of 3D Printing Prototypes?

There are various types of 3D printing prototypes according to their different uses and applications. Here we list several common types:1. 3D printing prototype in design stageEvery product developmen...

17 11,2021

The Advantages of 3D Printing Prototype

Prototyping is the first and key step of all design. It can not only ensure the correctness of design, but also ensure the applicability of parts assembly, and even ensure the stability in extreme env...