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03 11,2021

Precautions and Common Materials Before 3D Printing Prototype

Ⅰ. Three things to consider before 3D printing prototype1. Final productThe application of the final product is one of the most important aspects to be considered before rapid 3D printing. In some ca...

18 10,2021

Design Focus and Structural Classification of Plastic Products for Automotive Injection Molds

Ⅰ. The design of plastic products for automotive injection molds is the key pointPlastic products are definitely a key link in the design of injection molds. The design of plastic products requires n...

04 10,2021

Precautions and Basic Principles for Parting Surface Design of Automotive Injection Mold

Ⅰ. Precautions for parting surface design of automotive injection moldThe step parting surface generally needs to have an inclination angle of 3 to 5 degrees when facing the step parting surface, and...

22 09,2021

Polishing Technology of High Quality Injection Mold for Injection Molded Products

After the mold processing is completed, it also needs to be polished. So how to polish high-quality injection molds? What are the requirements for high quality injection mold polishing? Now let's ...

15 09,2021

For Prototype Development, 3D Printing or CNC Prototypes, Which to Choose?

When manufacturing product prototypes to support product development, three-dimensional printing and CNC prototypes (CNC) milling machines are two prototyping processes that need to be considered. How...

08 09,2021

How to Realize the Thin Wall of Automobile Plastic Bumper?

I. The thin-walled bumper will have the problem of difficult demouldingBecause the wall thickness gauge is small and has small shrinkage, the injection molded automobile parts are tightly adhered to t...

01 09,2021

Difficulties in Injection Molding of Automobile Thin-walled Plastic Bumper

Automobile bumper is one of the larger decorative parts in automobile. It has three main functions: safety, functionality and decoration.There are three main ways to lighten the weight of automobile b...

23 08,2021

What's the Difference Between Molding and Casting?

1. What's the difference between molding and casting?Casting is the manufacturing process of introducing molten material into a solid mold and curing it. The term usually refers to metals, but it ...