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15 04,2021

What Are the Reasons and Solutions for the Difficult Demolding of Injection Molds?

Ⅰ. Reasons for the difficulty of demolding in plastic injection mold processing1. Waterway design;2. There are grooves inside the mold;3. The demolding situation of the front and rear molds;4. The mo...

08 04,2021

What Are the Classification of Injection Mold Processing?

Ⅰ. The plastic injection mold processingInjection molding is a relatively common manufacturing method of industrial products in machining processing. This processing technology obtains the required s...

01 04,2021

The Core Elements of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Molds

Ⅰ. What are the core elements of making aluminum alloy die-casting molds?1. Use high-quality mold steel to make product molds2. Reasonably design mold wall thickness and other mold dimensions3. Try t...

22 03,2021

What Are the Common Products Made by Injection Molding in Our Life?

In fact, all products molded by injection molding machines are injection molded products. Including thermoplastic and now some thermosetting injection products. The most notable feature of thermoplast...

15 03,2021

Factors and Solutions Affecting the Surface Brightness of Injection Molded Parts

1. Plastic injection molded part bright factorWe often encounter the appearance quality problems of plastic injection molded part such as matte surface, insufficient brightness and insufficient transp...

08 03,2021

Do You Know the Requirements Medical Machinery Injection Mold?

1. Requirements for plastic injection mold and molding of medical machineryMedical machinery plastic injection mold and molding generally have high requirements for service life, so the requirements f...

01 03,2021

How Does Plastic Injection Mold Surface Gloss Defect Do?

1. What to do with the surface gloss defect of the plastic injection molding mold?There are many difficulties in plastic injection molding. Plastic injection mold and molding consists of two parts: a ...